I used to think you need to have all the quirks of great artists to start on your art. The most important of these quirks was ‘Inspiration’ – that you cannot simply sit and write unless there is a Muse, or there is something so emotive that you cannot stop penning down verses after verses and para after para.

But one day, a friend and I happened to come across a documentary on abstract art, featuring the works of Christoph Niemann, a phenomenal illustrator and graphic designer. And there was one singular message throughout the documentary – that art is like any other job. You need to sit down, and start writing or painting and keep on working at it until finally, something half acceptable comes out of it.

It was a realisation – that I had not been painting or writing not because I did not have inspiration – inspiration can be found in the smallest of instances – but because of the same reason I didn’t do plenty of things. I was lazy. And inspiration, or the lack of it, was a very convenient excuse.

I’m glad the realisation happened and that I’ll use expressions for more than just catharsis. Here is to sitting down and typing away and hoping, just hoping, that maybe magic will happen.